Starting from scart? Need a domain? No problem – we can guide you through the steps or take care of everything for you to get you set up in no time.

First let’s check if your domain is not already taken. Enter your business or idea below and hit check now! eg if you are not in luck maybe try a different variation eg and so on.

A few tips:

  • It can be advantageous to add your location & trade if possible eg gets straight to the point
  • short but sweet – think of the end user. Anything too long maybe ignored and too complicated
  • clear and memorable – something catchy and not to easy to get mixed up like initials eg we made that mistake initially! (over the phone p’s, d’s, c’s, b’s e’s etc all sound very much the same!)
  • specific end prefix – countries eg make more sense, .com isn’t hugely important maybe even look at the many others eg org, biz etc

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Domains start at £15 for 2years in most cases. Once you have checked send us an email and we will fill in the details for you!

This price does not include any hosting, but reserves the name for your future use. Although we do not charge any transfer fees please be aware if you intended to transfer the domain elsewhere in furture there maybe a fee from the registrar that will be passed on to you (typically just another re-registration fee eg £10-£15)

Already Got a Domain?

So you would like to move a domain you currently hold to us – no problem sometimes this is as simple as changing whats called a nameTAG. You would just need to contact the previous hosting company and ask them to make the change. In most cases the transfer process is cost free, in some cases there maybe a re-registration fee which we would pass on you. This is typically £10/£15 but renews you site for another 2 years.